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Forte Tuscan Flooring

Plank size: 15 x 150 x Random Lengths (400mm – 1200mm) Pack size: 1.44m2

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With a variety of plank lengths, the Forte range offers the character of solid wood flooring at a fraction of the cost. It’s versatile, with colours to suit every application – and easy to fit, even in tight spaces, thanks to its 5GC installation system with push down joints and strong, stable end joints.

Forte can also be used with a variety of underlays, making it ideal for hallways and dining rooms – even upstairs rooms and apartments, where underfoot sound can be an issue.

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Natural White Oak – TF511 / TF512

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Barley – TF513 / TF514

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Toffee – TF515 / TF516

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Light Grey Oak TF517

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Truffle TF518

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Barn Oak White Washed TF519

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