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10 Great Benefits of Wood Flooring

Whether you’re developer looking to renovate a property or a homeowner shopping around for your next living room floor, wood flooring has always a great choice. We’ve put together our list of 10 great benefits of wood flooring to sway you towards choosing either engineered or solid wood flooring from us:

  1. Speedy installation for those with experience

Engineered flooring offers the same quick installation benefits of laminate flooring, with the genuine look and appeal of a real wood floor. Our engineered floors come in with a choice of click, drop-loc and Tongue & Groove profiles offering this ease of installation, which provides a stunning a professional and highly stable finish to your project. Having said that, please ensure that you follow our installation guides carefully to ensure that your project is the best it can be.

If you are considering a solid wood floor (good on you) but please ensure that you use a professional installer if you’ve never done it before.

  1. Easy to clean

Real wood and engineered wood floors are a great choice for people who lead time pressured lives as they are relatively easy to clean comparable to carpet – they do not accumulate dirt, dust, and debris in quite the same way and can simply wiped clean (with one of our recommended Bona cleaners). For guidance, please download our specialist care and maintenance guide.

  1. The finished look is unbeatable

We think that one of the key benefits of wood flooring is the finished appearance. The aesthetic quality of a wood floor is utterly unmistakable hardwood floors offer all the warmth, beauty, and great natural look of wood, which is timeless and stylish. Real hardwood floors such as those featured in the Tuscan Flooring collection help to create the illusion of spaciousness in any room that they feature in.

  1. Wood flooring is strong and durable

Wood flooring will stand the test of time and will provide a quality floor that will last for years to come if properly installed and maintained. Our Tuscan wood floors are able to stand up to the rigours of daily living, whilst keeping their good looks throughout their lifespan.

  1. A great long-term investment

Investing in hardwood floors whether it be engineered flooring or solid wood flooring can pay dividends by increasing the overall value of the property in which it is installed. Oftentimes, the increased value of the property exceeds the outlay made in the product and installation costs. A real wood floor becomes a really strong selling point if you choose to move homes in the future, which can help the house sell more quickly.

  1. A Large variety of wood flooring types

Wood flooring is a highly versatile and varied flooring choice typically available a wide range of different shades, tones, finishes and sizes to suit whatever look you might be hoping to achieve. Our collection is comprised mostly of oak floors, which come in a variety of stains from the fashionable grey wood floors to sophisticated warm dark oak flooring. No matter how varied your requirements, there are wood flooring options available.

  1. Better acoustics than laminate

With the correct sub-floor preparation and correct installation, an engineered or solid wood floor will never give you hollow sounding clunk associated with laminate floor.

  1. Better for allergy sufferers

Unlike carpets, wood flooring has no surface fibres to trap dust, dirt and pollen, or other potential allergens. As such these types of floors offer a healthier choice for your living space and are definitely the best flooring type for allergy sufferers and those with sensitivity to airborne micro particles.

  1. Timeless, ageless aesthetics

As carpets and even laminate floors begin to look tired after some time, your Tuscan wood flooring will continue to look its best and even improve with age. Hardwood floors typically increase in value as they mellow and develop their individual character. Of course, you will need to properly maintain this a wood floor as per our Care & Maintenance guide to keep it looking as good as it possibly can but also note that wood flooring can also be refinished and refreshed as and when you deem necessary.

  1. Free Samples are available

At Tuscan, we want you to fall in love with your floor before you purchase, that’s why we suggest that you order samples before you make up your mind. Free samples are available from this website or by emailing [email protected]. We hope that we have given you some inspiration and useful information about the potential benefits of wood flooring with this article. Want to talk about your flooring requirements? Please drop us an email, we’d be more than happy to help!