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Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

184mm x 1219mm x 2.5mm. Pack size: 3.37m2 / 152mm x 1219mm x 2.0mm. Pack size: 3.34m2

The Plank range offers woodgrain colours to perfectly suit every environment – from warm and welcoming to cool and neutral. Selected colours also offer a 2.0mm option.

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The more traditional vinyl flooring method, stick down / glue down vinyl flooring is incredibly versatile and durable. Our designs closely replicate real wood without the high expense or the hassle of fitting this type of flooring. Plus it’s more durable and can withstand all of those scratches, scuffs and spillages.

Our stick down LVT flooring is the choice for professional installers and contractors as it offers many features that make it perfect for commercial buildings, high footfall areas and new build projects. Our multi-layer construction means it has a higher dimension stability and offers R10 slip resistance.

The stick down plank range offers woodgrain colours to perfectly suit every environment – from warm and welcoming to cool and neutral. Selected also offer a 2.0mm option. These flooring designs are great for areas of the home such as kitchens and bathrooms where both durability and style are needed.

When it comes to installing the stick down luxury vinyl plank flooring, we also have our recommended adhesive on hand to make sure the perfect finish and longevity is achieved.

If you would like to try our plank stick down flooring in your space, order a sample today. We have a number of plank sizes available.

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