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Vinyl Narrow Plank Flooring

1220mm x 176mm x 5.5mm. Pack size: 1.71m2

Narrower planks cleverly create a sense of space in smaller areas – and they come in a range of smart shades, from light oak to darker hues.

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If you’re looking for a contemporary flooring design for a smaller space, our luxury narrow plank vinyl flooring is the way to go. It can create the illusion of space in small or restricted areas and is available in a large choice of colours and designs.

As with all of our Rigid products, it is designed with affordability and ease-of-installation in mind. It has a 1mm underlay that is already attached to the flooring, meaning there is no extra-fuss needed to install this separately. The Välinge 5G installation system also makes this click vinyl plank flooring a dream to fit, even in tight spaces. Simply push end joists together and watch your space transform.

Even with the narrower size, the detail on this LVT flooring option is exceptional. It replicates the look and feel of natural wood without the hefty price tag and with the added hard-wearing benefits. Our narrower planks also come in a range of smart shades, from light oak to darker hues to match your interior design visions.

Want to see how our Narrow Plank LVT flooring would look in your space? Order a sample today.

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