The performance of your PVC panel product is closely linked to the quality of the installation of it and good care & maintenance being carried out on it following the panel installation.

PanelStyle Installation Guides

PanelStyle PVC Waterproof Panelling is fixed by adhering the panels to an appropriately sound, flat and plumb subsurface. If the subsurface is uneven then a timber batten frame should be installed to create a suitable subsurface to adhere to. All packs of PanelStyle PVC come with printed copies of the installation instructions however these are also available to download below.

Before you start your panel installation

Recommended tools, equipment & installation accessories:

  • Fine tooth saw &/or Utility knife
  • Straight Edge
  • Silicone Sealant & Sealant Gun
  • Nails/Staples & Staple Gun
  • Tape Measure
  • Appropriate panel adhesive
  • PVC Antibacterial Cleaner
  • Gloves
  • Eye protection glasses
  • Ear defenders when cutting

Pre-installation checks

All your PVC wall panels must be individually checked for any quality issues prior to installation of the panels.

a. Please check carefully that the panels are from the same batch prior to installation and that the panels are an acceptable colour match. A batch number can be found on the product packaging and the back of each panel. Slight colour variation can occur between panels and batches, therefore all panels must be checked for colour uniformity before fitting. No claims for colour variance between panels will be accepted following installation of the panels. Slight “telegraphing” of the extruded sheet profile can be visible at the panel surface and is normal for this product.

b. PVC wall panels are intended solely for use on internal surfaces only.

c. PVC panels are to be installed using PVC panel adhesive, it is therefore important to ensure that all surfaces to which the adhesive will be applied are sound, clean, dust free, dry, plumb and even. Any paints, sealers or coatings of any kind on the intended installation surface must be checked for soundness and adhesion suitability and if in doubt should be removed before the adhesive is applied.

PanelStyle Accessories

We have everything you need for your PVC panel installation. Click on the images below for more information on sizes and codes for each product. Note that the trims shown below are only required for the standard Splashpanel wall panelling range as the Splashpanel Easy-Fit Shower kits already include all trims required for installation. Click here to view the full range of accessories available for PanelStyle.

End Cap

Internal Corner

External Corner

H Joint

Ceiling Scotia/Mould

PanelStyle Cleaner